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T.R.I.P. Meeting Update 11.21.13

The Rio Indigenous Project (TRIP) met successfully on 11.21.13. Representatives from the Rio School District, CSUCI, St. Johns Hospital, MICOP, Boys and Girls Club After School programs were in attendance with Dr. Faviana Hirsch Dubin attending via conference call. As usual great dialogue and idea development took place including plans for college bound field trips […]

VCSTEAMN Colloquium# 3 “SEARCH”

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Schwab, CTO, Berryessa Union School District VCSTEAMN search colloquium flier Andrew Schwab is an educator, IT professional and 1:1 evangelist. As a member of the CUE Board of Directors, a CETPA Certified CTO and a Google Certified Teacher, he is active in supporting and growing the edTech community. Andrew can be found on Twitter […]

Instructional Vision

Recently, the Rio School District has been working on developing our vision of Rio Instruction. Like many other Districts and organizations, we are pressed to do two simultaneous and daunting tasks;help learners build and develop basic literacies while helping them develop 21st century learning practices. The three charts posted above are a first tack at […]

Quilts and Math

Quilting and Math are inexorably intertwined. Here are some excellent links for educators to get learners working on both. Math Quilts Explained Tying Quilts to Montessori Math and Geometry (PDF) QUILTING – Let’s Finish the Pattern (PDF)

Successful Schools = Successful People

Recently, I read an article from the Journal of School Public Relations. It talked about the results of surveys of 20,000 students, parents, and schools and their thoughts on their schools. The findings of the surveys were fascinating and the author generated ten tips for various roles in the schooling process. I edited them a […]

Public Hearing Williams Notice

  RIO SCHOOL DISTRICT 2500 VINEYARD AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING RESOLUTION #1314/01 AND CERTIFICATION REGARDING SUFFICIENCY OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS September 18, 2013 The public is invited to provide input regarding the Sufficiency of Instructional Materials whereby it has been determined the Rio School District has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in reading/language […]


These paintings and photographs represent some of the artistic output of JP. They were requested for viewing at a recent career day by Gabby (student) at Rio del Valle Middle School.