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They Call it Multi-Tasking

They Call it Multi-Tasking   In the modern times we live in, so infused with demands on our attention and action, we often seem to be juggling many tasks simultaneously. Research on the brain still suggests that we may do many things with our mind and body, but we do them quickly one at a […]

Niki / JP Collaborative MIT- Rio Blog

It was great to hear from a local student today who has made her way to MIT – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a world class university and seat of science on the planet. From Oxnard to Boston, this blog connects a superintendent of the Rio School District to a freshman (1st year woman […]

Principal Profile – March 2020 – Ryan Emery

Ryan Emery Principal Rio Del Norte Elementary School 2nd Year as Norte Principal 5 Years as Principal 3 Years as an Assistant Principal 6 Years as Teacher This is Mr. Emery’s second year serving Rio students as principal of Rio Del Norte Elementary School. Before working in Rio he served as principal for Alice C. […]

Non-Car Drivers

This post is about pedestrians and bicycle riders, wheel-chair riders and skateboarders, scooter riders and other people in the community not driving cars. This post wants to state the obvious at first and go on from there. People not in cars who are out there navigating the community and it’s streets and intersections are just […]

Principal Profile – Adrienne Peralta, Ed.D.

Adrienne Peralta, Ed.D. Principal Rio Del Valle Middle School 4 Years as Rio Del Valle Principal 8 Years as Administrator 18 Years as Teacher This is Dr. Peralta’s 4th school year as principal of Rio Del Valle. Previously she served as assistant principal at Rio Vista Middle School. Prior to her work in administration she […]

Principal Profile January 2020 – Ms. Brenda Bravo

Brenda Bravo Principal Rio Plaza Elementary School 1+ Years as Rio Plaza Principal 1+ Years as Principal 8 Years as Teacher     This is Ms. Bravo’s 2nd school year as principal of Rio Plaza Elementary School. Previously she served as the Intervention Specialist at Laguna Vista, Ocean View School District. Previous to that, she […]


The Holiday for Martin Luther King Each year in January and many more times throughout the year I ponder how children and teachers think about MLK. I wonder about the ways and perspectives they think about him, his legacy, and his life.  In this year 2020, now more than ever, I hope it conjures thoughts […]

Math Power… What’s it all about…

Math power rules our money and in many ways money rules the human world and has deep impact on the physical world as well. Math power rules computer mediated systems such as social media etc.. that have deep impact on our communications, social and emotional identity and well-being. Math power rules our healthcare systems which […]

Principal Profile December 2019

Maria Hernandez, Ed.D. Principal Rio Real Dual Immersion K-8 School 10 Years as Rio Real Principal 13 Years as Principal 7 Years as Teacher This is Dr. Hernandez’ 10th year as principal of Rio Real, previously she served as principal at Rio Del Valle Middle School. Dr. Hernandez was a teacher in the Ventura Unified […]