The Rio School District employs nearly 500 people in one role or another. All working together to provide the best possible learning environments and opportunities to our more than 5000 students in grades TK-8. One amazing team of four people, Kathryn, Tony, Oscar, and Brian make up our technology team. Together they do an incredibly complex and large scale job with great efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism. Our District is a One to the World District with one computer device for every student and multiple devices for staff. The Tech-Team built, and maintain a robust wired and wireless network that provides tremendous access to Internet based and other multimedia resources. Maintaining a mindset of security and protection while utilizing open source tools such as our Linux based Ubermix and Google schools platforms is a challenge that yields great rewards for learners of every age.

The Rio School District has leveraged much in the way of instructional shifts towards 21st century learning through the use of technology. Our powerful tech team of four are truly world class. Their type of work is often unrecognized except when things go wrong, which they rarely do, and this is just the nature of their work and people’s orientation to technology. This blog post intends to fleetingly make folks aware of the outstanding work they do to keep the Rio School District technology infrastucture and human users growing, learning and making a 21st difference for learners of every age.

If you happen to see a member of the team of four…pass along a word of appreciation. I recieved an email today doing just this and I showed it to one of the team on my cell phone which was routed through the wireless network system. Seamless.

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