T.R.I.P. Meeting Update 11.21.13

The Rio Indigenous Project (TRIP) met successfully on 11.21.13. Representatives from the Rio School District, CSUCI, St. Johns Hospital, MICOP, Boys and Girls Club After School programs were in attendance with Dr. Faviana Hirsch Dubin attending via conference call.

As usual great dialogue and idea development took place including plans for college bound field trips for students and parents, the expansion of free immunization clinics, the development of after schools Indigenous community club at the middle school level, plans to improve translation service outreach for parent conferences, and the development of newcomer programs.

We are very excited about what TRIP has been able to accomplish in the last year + and we look forward to expanding these efforts to more participants and a greater focus on learning and technology utilization to achieve the aims of the group.

VCSTEAMN Colloquium# 3 “SEARCH”


Keynote Speaker: Andrew Schwab, CTO, Berryessa Union School District

VCSTEAMN search colloquium flier

Andrew Schwab is an educator, IT professional and 1:1 evangelist. As a member of the CUE Board of Directors, a CETPA Certified CTO and a Google Certified Teacher, he is active in supporting and growing the edTech community. Andrew can be found on Twitter @anotherschwab and blogging at anotherschwab.com.

Andrew’s Presentation

During the presentation, I mentioned Dan Russell’s challenge – determining the phone number of the office from which a picture was taken. Here’s the story of that challenge, including a link to how it can be done!



Google Basic Searching Quick Reference

Google Power Search Quick Reference

Google Search Features (Improve your search experience)

Take the Google Power Search Course (an online, community-based course showcasing search techniques and how you can use them to solve real, everyday problems!)


Session tools / Instructions

After our keynote talk, we will divide into five groups, each organized around one of the five STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics).  Each group will get four search challenges, each related to a different type of search (Power Search, Scholar Search, Image Search, Archive Search).  Do the searches in order – the challenge is for each group to complete as many of the searches as possible, and record on the results document both what they found and how they found it!  Good luck!


Colloquium Challenges – Click here for access to the search questions!

Challenge Results – Click here to access the challenge results page (shared Google Doc!)

Instructional Vision


Recently, the Rio School District has been working on developing our vision of Rio Instruction. Like many other Districts and organizations, we are pressed to do two simultaneous and daunting tasks;help learners build and develop basic literacies while helping them develop 21st century learning practices. The three charts posted above are a first tack at looking how we can do this. At Rio, we do know, that we don’t want to ask our learners to wait to become 21st century learners until they have the literacies as has been the case in many schools and Districts. Rather, we accept they are already 21st century learners and that our schools must work with them as individual and group learners, beginning with who and where they are as learners and growing from that unique place in time and space. For many of us at the Rio School District, this sounds like fun.

Quilts and Math

Quilting and Math are inexorably intertwined.

Here are some excellent links for educators to get learners working on both.

Math Quilts Explained

Tying Quilts to Montessori Math and Geometry (PDF)

QUILTING – Let’s Finish the Pattern (PDF)

CSUCI Science Carnival November 2nd

Bell Tower and CSUCI skyline

Our friends at CSUCI are holding their annual Science Fair this Saturday, November 2, 2013.

The Rio School District will be sending students and teachers to experience this excellent hands on learning experience.