“Vanilla Ice Cream”

Vanilla Ice cream

Adapted from the poem,

”This is Just to Say”,

by William Carlos Williams

I have enjoyed

The last chunk

Of vanilla ice cream

That was in the freezer

And which you were saving

For later

Forgive me

It was so flavorful

So delish

And so cold


                                                                      J. S., 7th gr. RdV

“The Taken Rent Money”

The Taken Rent Money

Adapted from the poem

this is just to say from

William Carlos Williams

I have taken

The 100 dollar bill

That was under your

Bed mattress

And which you

Were certainly going

To use for to complete

The rent

Excuse my mistake

I used the money to buy

Really colorful, pretty

Awesome clothes

By: B. G, 7th gr. RdV 2013

“This is For my People Who Lost Somebody”

“This is For my People Who Lost Somebody”

adapted from the poem”This is for my People” from M. Walker

This is for my people who lost somebody

with the world ahead of them

and waiting for their life to become normal again.

For my people,

who lost a family member

who lost their best friend.

For my people,

who are believers that somehow they will come back

who are still living in the past.

For my people,

who are never, ever going to let go

who are always going to remember.

For my people,

you’re never going to say bye!

By: B. G.

7th Grade, RdV2013