Spring Sonnet 30

Spring Sonnet 30

Flowers are blooming outside in the sun.

A perfect day to be in the sunshine,

animals taking off their coats for fun.

People disturb the forest bu mining,

It would be a shame if it was too rain.

All fund and games until the day dampens,

the time that happens it may bring me pain.

Even the smallest animals such as plankton,

deserve to have a happy life in the Spring.

The forest is so very green and pure,

Maybe we will find a golden ring!

I assure you I will find a cure.

I admire they’re so very sweet;

It is a fond treasure to see.


8th grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 09

Sonnet 09

At night, have you been so sad or frightened?

Scared of the nights howl and clinging to light.

Running away and not being beckoned.

All things see it and as despair or blight.

Some say it is the true weakness of all.

Humans dream about escaping its giant shadow.

However no one could escape but through some stall.

It can make some women become widows.

Or men turning into widowers, and alone.

People should embrace it like a soft bed.

Even children, if caught won’t be full grown.

And some want to become a true undead.

But no one can escape, death’s eternal.

Make the wrong move and it will be fatal.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Success 5

Success 5

Success is my great achievement, behold.

Wealth of a nation is dedication.

Upon all our sacrifice is pure gold.

Words do not define me, only action.

Rid ourselves with pain and be enlighten.

My will is my greatest ally in strength.

Love and gravity holds us tighten.

All our good deeds and sins we pay a price

If I fell for you would love me too.

I will do anything to make you smile.

The breeze came up high in the unknown blue.

Revenge is nothing sweet or good its mild.

My future will be great and its nearby.

My sonnet ends here and I shall say bye.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 14

Sonnet 14

Hello my name is Javier, so hi,

I walk through the wind, and breath in air,

The leaves crumble and look like brown hair dye,

The trees I see make me go to the fair.

The forest is so very green, and pure,

But also very dangerous as well,

But being free is natures only cure,

If I were some nature I’d never sell.

Nature is where the birds can sing in peace,

Where there are many secrets can be found,

It is peaceful with all its greenest ground.

Flowers are so nice, red as blood can be,

Lovely is the field of hills that I see.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 3

Sonnet 3

You use to be so smart and really bright.

Don’t quit in life for just one little thing.

Life was really good and really so bright.

If you want happiness life it will bring.

So don’t quit on your life it will come soon.

So fly fly away like a butterfly.

So don’t be waiting there in your cocoon.

Fly like a butterfly high up so high.

Fly don’t let your wings be taken away.

Fly higher than you have ever before.

If your wings have been taken pray and pray.

Don’t quit on your life you need to do more.

More to accomplish goals and happiness.

So don’t quit on your life, I will witness.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 425

Sonnet 425

I see you from the corner of my eyes,

Every day I steal a glance of you.

There is only love; there is no disguise.

Do you ever take a glance of me too?

There is something I cannot help but see,

That your smile always fills me with delight.

There is always a smile when you look at me,

I feel my imagination take flight.

Thy eyes sparkle a thousand miles away,

For you are unique and one of a kind.

Every single day is like Valentine’s Day,

You’re always in my heart and on my mind.

And i’m filled with the sweetest devotion,

Your love poisons my veins with emotion.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 31

Sonnet # 31

Wasted my life loving someone untrue.

I could not see the lies for I was blind.

Betrayed, I walk away to someone new.

To start off fresh, I need to cool my mind.

Unfaithful, yes you are, I trusted you.

My heart burns from the pain you caused till’ now.

Stupid, Yes I am, although you are too.

You put on a great show now, take a bow.

Now that I reminisce, it was so clear.

You loved another, but stayed for the money.

Its done; it is time to wipe off my tears.

It is over, please stay away from me.

I guess its my fault but not entirely.

You will be in my heart, eternally.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 3

Sonnet 3

Secrets hidden deep with inside of me

never to be found tears fall down my eyes.

Worries and pressures begging “let me be!”

Always fell into believing those lies.

Whispers, rumors travel out of my ears

mustn’t fall into trap keep being strong.

Slowly suffocating by my own fears

deciphering from what is right and wrong.

Made numerous mistakes throughout my life

forgive and forget thats what they all say.

When helping others you must sacrifice

that was my only regret everyday.

Don’t be like me, you see, you’ll pay the fee.

Life is what you make it that is the key.

What do you Think of Me?

When our eyes meet, what do you think of me?

My mind goes blank when you ask me questions.

Friends are what we are and always will be.

Embarrassed to ask friends for suggestions,

On how to make conversation with you,

Because my tongue ties every time we talk.

I’ve heard you feel the same way, is it true?

Unlikely, if so, that would be a shock.

When I’m sad you manage to make me glad.

I can never frown when I look at you.

If you make me upset, I cant stay mad.

Some kids know the truth, while you have no clue.

Ill tell you my secrets since you’re a friend,

Just not this one, for your friendship could end.


8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School

Sonnet 20

Sonnet 20

Today is a lovely day to be inside,

The wind as a breeze with blue and going threw,

Tomorrow will be a lovely day to be outside.

Mountains be love it starts to hit something that chew.

The flowers are blooming and are colorful green,

The next day will be a sunny day,

That will later in the future have a teen.

The reason why because its is the month of May.

The wonderful deer was kind, but had a nasty breath,

As Spring started to begin nature started to grow,

After nobody found the deer, but realize it wasn’t death.

The Spring or nature will grow with a little bit of glow.

The day had come where Spring was over,

After the long day I went to bed because of my shoulder.

D. T.

8th Grade

Rio Vista Middle School