Education and the American Dream links 3.31.13

Education and the American Dream links

Hunted on google  3.31.13

Montana legislator writes about the need for quality.

amplify ceo’s thoughts on education and the American dream with wall street journal

video by professor U.w bothell

the Dean of Harvard’s business school shares his perspective

Condoleeza Rice on education and the American Dream

The American Dream 2.0 examines the role of financial aide for college education and its link to the American dream.

Bill Moyer’s Journal hosts a number of important view points on the American Dream

The American Myth of Social Mobility

The American Myth of Social Mobility is an article that draws on recent data to point out that while Americans believe our country provides the greatest opportunity to go from rags to riches.. the facts do not bear this out now. Many other wealthy countries have more social mobility than America. Social mobility is measured by looking at generational income or the difference between fathers and sons’ incomes. One thing the article does highlight, is that the American Equation still holds true statistically. That is, if you work hard and go to college and graduate, you are likely to earn more money than those who do not. The facts, however, also show that this is harder and harder for families with low incomes. The article demonstrates how the education gap in America between low income and higher income families statistically predicts a lower social mobility.

This article suggests that our schools are a key engine in improving the social mobility for Americans.

A Family Affair

A Family Affair: Intergenerational Social Mobility across OECD Countries is an excellent chapter of research exploring issues related to the American Dream and how it compares to other countries in terms of people’s ability to do better economically than their parents.

2013-2014 Registration

Registration packets for the 2013-2014 school year are now available. You may print out the packet and return the completed forms to your child’s school.

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Chasing the same dream,climbing different ladders: economic mobility in the United States and Canada.This study examines the American Dream and the Canadian Dream and finds some amazing commonalities in both opinions, beliefs, and economics. It also finds some thought provoking differences.

This site will look at research and economic and social data to explore the economic facts and human perceptions and opinions on issues related to the American Equation, the American Dream, and the role American Public Schools play in in both shaping and being shaped by public policy and public practice.

This site will explore different opinions about the American Dream and its current condition.

This new site will explore the American Equation;

American Education + Hard work = The American Dream.

Spring Break

The Rio School District is going on a Spring Break for two weeks, the last week of March and the first week of April. We hope that each student, each family, and each employee is able to take the time to rest, renew, recharge, relax, and then return to school and work following the break ready to complete the 2012-2013 school year and end the year on a positive note.

We know that while there are many students who are happy to have a couple of weeks to do other things, there are also others who will miss the things our schools provide including nutritious meals, a safe and nurturing place to learn, play, and be with friends and those who care. Along these lines, our after schools programs offer programs the first week of the break. Still, we encourage all our teachers and staff to realize that those two weeks away this Spring might mean a nice vacation for some, while it might mean a less pleasant time for others.

Loss of a Great Local Educator; Deloris Carn

Recently, I received some very sad news, that a mentor, colleague, and friend, Deloris Carn had passed away. I am so sad I did not get a chance to talk and have lunch with her in the few months since she had moved from Oxnard to the East Coast.

Ms. Carn is a legend in our community. She was an exceptional person, a great teacher, an exceptional School Principal and a one in a million human being. Her intellect, her heart, and her amazing energy and work ethic touched almost as many lives as her love for others, for children and for humanity.

I hope it is not true, “that they don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Perhaps in our own way, those of us who have been privileged to work for and with Deloris will carry with us a small portion of her many attributes and strengths that came forth to create so many opportunities and positive outcomes for students, families, teachers, and educators at all levels.

I have many fond memories as well as many funny memories from years at E.O.Green Junior High School. I learned many things there about being an administrator, a teacher, a leader, and a human being. 

I will miss Deloris and it will take me a long time to process this event. I look forward to the day that I meet another amazing educator that might remind me of Deloris, and when I do, I will know that there is always hope for students, for public education, and people making themselves better people through their hard work and service to others.