Welcome Rio Rosales Students and Families!


I am proud and grateful to write this welcome letter to you as we begin our 2017 – 2018 academic year.  It is an honor to welcome you to, or welcome you back to this wonderful teaching and learning community.  

We are all responsible for making sure that our children are ready for the rigors of the twenty-first century.  The ways in which our team of families, staff and children work together will shape the choices and chances that children have for this year and beyond.  Rather than listing all of the very important roles, relationships and responsibilities we have to ensure that our scholars and citizens grow appropriately (you can find those in the handbook), I  encourage us all to communicate clearly, consistently and honestly so that we can connect children to the joy and importance of learning.  

The work we do together is not for one year or even one school.  We must embrace a lifelong unquenchable thirst for knowledge and improvement.  We know, and research proves, that meaningful success can not be achieved by just “showing up”.  Success comes from making, and learning from mistakes.  The greatest contributions to humankind  come from repeated failure and dedication to improvement. In this age of quick information and instant results, we need to help our children understand the importance of persistence, grit and of the need to understand that challenges present opportunities to learn or prove something new.

We want to involve all of our community: families, staff and children in meaningful roles, relationships and responsibilities.  We will work to provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for your children.  Through technology, new curricula, hands on/minds on activities and a commitment to the whole child, not just students, we will work to create events and activities that engage and inspire our entire community.  We will always work to make sure our community is safe, healthy and civil. We encourage you to join us in this important calling.  

In some sense we all raise our children to leave us.  In a very real sense, our children are preparing for a world in which scholars and citizens will need to collaborate, create, connect, think critically and care about themselves, our communities, our country and our world.  As we prepare hearts and minds for a successful year and beyond, we extend our hand to you to join us.

Welcome to a new year.  Welcome, or welcome back, to Rio Rosales.


Ryan Howatt, M.Ed.