Rio del Valle 8th Grade Graduation

It is our desire that all of our 8th graders end their tenure in the Rio School District on a positive note as they transition to high school. Like the eight graders, we are looking forward to the promotion activities as a time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of our students. This exciting time is fast approaching, and we want all our 8th graders and their families to be informed and to take this time to review the criteria listed below for participation in the end-of-year promotion activities.

The progress report of Trimester 3 will be mailed to parents during the week of May 6t. At this time, letters will also be sent to the parents of 8th grade students who, due to their student’s grades or behavior, are in jeopardy of losing one or more of their privileges. The three activities are 1) 8th Grade Night-Magic Mountain Promotion; 2) The 8th grade dance/or promotion activity; and 3) 8th grade Promotion Ceremony. The Trimester 3 grades (due by TBD) will determine the final eligibility.

With the aim of seeing all 8th graders participate in each promotion activity, administrators, teachers, and counselors will be working in a variety of ways to support students in their academic and behavior progress throughout the school year.

The criteria for loss of privilege to participate in promotion activities are outlined below. The system is in place for the entirety of the 3rd trimester beginning on March 4, 2013.

Point System:

1. Each 8th grade student begins the 3rd trimester with five (5) points.

  • If an 8th grader earns no “F’s” during the 2nd trimester (ending on March 1, 2013), he/she will begin 3r trimester with an additional point (6 points rather than 5 points)

2) One (1) point will be lost for not returning the bottom portion of this form with the required signatures to your 1stperiod teacher.

3) One (1) point will be lost for every discipline infraction/referral including, but not limited to: defiance, classroom disruption, use of unapproved electronics, defacing school property, and other similar offenses.

4) One (1) point will be lost for one (1) truancy or excessive (3+) tardies to any class.

5) Two (2) points will be lost for every F earned.

6) A minimum of three (3) points will be lost for any single serious violation of school rules which results in an off campus suspension.

7) Any single serious violation of school rules (e.g. possession or use of illegal substance; causing physical injury to another person, or violation which may be recommenced for expulsion) may result in the loss of all privileges and activities, including participation in the promotional ceremony.

8) Point loss is at the discretion of Administration.

Students will be disqualified from events below in the following order and parents will be notified by a phone call and letter:


  • If a student loses 3 points, he/she may not attend the 8th Grade City of Oxnard Grad Night at Magic Mountain
  • If a student loses 4 points, he/she may not attend the 8th Grade Promotion Activities
  • If a student loses 5 points, he/she may not attend the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Appeals process: A three member committee consisting of teachers &/or administrators will be established should a parent wish to appeal the loss of their son’s/daughter’s permission to participate in the promotion ceremony.

Again, it is the sincere desire of the Rio del Valle administration and staff that all 8th graders participate in the planned promotion activities so that we may celebrate all of the students and their accomplishments. Parents and Students, please take some time to review and discuss the criteria above.