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California’s English Learners (ELs) may need instructional support in developing proficiency in English language and literacy as they engage in learning academic content based on these new, common core standards. ELs face an additional challenge in developing literacy in English since they must develop oral proficiency in English—including depth and breadth of vocabulary—at the same time that they are learning to read and write. In recognition of the need for new English language development standards to clarify what knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed to help ELs engage with and master next generation standards, including college‐ and career‐readiness standards, Assembly Bill 124 was enacted and required the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, in consultation with the SBE, to update, revise, and align the state’s current California English Language Development  Standards (CA ELD Standards) by grade level to the state’s English language arts (ELA) standards.

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