Welcome Rio del Norte Students and Families!

At Rio del Norte, we value all types of learning and intend to foster growth in each child.  We have established guidelines, routines, character building and academic Waltripcurriculum to help your child master grade level standards. The new standards are challenging so we will have to work together to help our students succeed.  We know that if we work together as a team, your precious children will grow by leaps and bounds.

We strive to support children socially and emotionally as well as help children develop academically.  We are in the second decade of the 21st century and it is our obligation to teach 21stcentury skills.  We intend to teach children how to think critically, how to be problem solvers, and to understand the the English language.  Students will learn academic skills in all core areas, with an emphasis in literacy.

While academic excellence is our focus, we also encourage and teach character education as well as leadership.  By carefully planning lessons, we will help children become lifelong learners.  This will help prepare our students to meet the demands of an ever changing world.  At Rio del Norte, we have high expectations for our students.  We share a fundamental belief that students will rise to the occasion to meet the expectations of the adults that care for them.

Please join our faculty and support staff as partners in education.  Together, we can do great things for our children.


Jake Waltrip

Rio del Norte Elementary School

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