Welcome Rio del Mar Students and Families!

Dr Scott BarlowIt is an exciting time to be at Rio del Mar!

We have a lot of great things going on at Rio del Mar and are preparing students to do amazing things in their lifetimes. The use of project-based learning, coupled with interactive TVs and one-to-one technology, promote a development of strong skill sets, and a value for the process of inquiry and investigation. Innovation, curiosity, and challenge reign at del Mar. Students are accessing the world from their classrooms as well as venturing out into our agricultural science program and into many rich resources through our PTA-sponsored field trip program and many co-curricular activities.

Parents are an active and central part of our educational partnership and we are grateful for the strong alliances we have forged with many skilled professionals in the service of our students.

We are developing students’ 21st Century Skills, those skills we know are critical to be competitive in many jobs that do not yet exist. Being effective communicators in spoken and written language, skilled in collaboration and critical thinking, and developing entrepreneurial creativity that have been the hallmark of American ingenuity and success.

Come to del Mar and partner with us in engaging your child and preparing them to do amazing things!

Dr. Scott Barlow

Principal, Rio del Mar


(805) 485-0560