Welcome Rio del Mar Students and Families!

Dr Scott BarlowIt is an exciting time to be at Rio del Mar!

We have a lot of great things going on in our classrooms. To name a few, we are implementing the use of interactive TVs in all the classrooms that will allow teachers to develop 21st Century learning, including technology integration, which increases student engagement and participation.

A few of our goals for the coming year and beyond includes an emphasis on blended learning, which is a combination of three different learning methods: 1) Teacher-led instruction, 2) Independent digital instruction and 3) Project-based/Inquiry-based/Student-led instruction. The teacher is centrally involved in guiding and coordinating all of these learning methods, but the second and third methods are intentionally designed to empower students to be self-driven which is a key attribute in their higher learning and work performance in the future.

We have a lot of great high-quality resources available to students including Sokikom and Kahn Academy for development of math concepts; Newsella, which is a program that highlights current events at differentiated levels for student reading and writing development and critical thinking.

STEM Scopes is a new hands-on program that teachers are piloting this year. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Scopes is well-organized to allow students the opportunity to perform hands-on experiments and projects throughout the year (facilitated by teachers) and connect these concepts with non-fiction reading and writing, and use of technology, all which will support their future success in school and the future work environment.  We are excited that our school was selected for a university grant to receive a large supply of high-quality materials and training for all 20 of our teachers at Rio del Mar to provide these new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These hands-on activities will also lend itself to students interacting with peers to think critically, communicate proficiently, cite evidence in their discussions, and be entrepreneurial in their thinking.

Strong reading, writing and math skills continue to be a priority for our school, including those students who are English learners.

Recognizing that creativity is a key component of 21st Century learning skills, we have implemented a weekly art program for all students. We recognize that creativity is correlated to entrepreneurial thinking which is in high demand in the future job market. Many of the jobs our students will have in the future do not exist yet, so they will need to be creative, flexible and able to think critically to solve new challenges.

It is a privilege to be a part of this amazing team of teachers, other staff members, parents, and community members that do amazing things each day with our students. Parents, please keep me informed of how our team may support you. If any of you are interested in being involved in volunteering as a part of our art program or helping out in any other way, please email me at sbarlow@rioschools.org or call me at (805) 485-0560.

Dr. Scott Barlow

Principal, Rio del Mar


(805) 485-0560