Learning Priority

Learning Priority, Inc. (LP) a Thousand Oaks, CA software company has been developing intervention assessment tools with the Rio school district for the past 3 years.  For the 2016/17 school year LP is providing fluency assessment for all 8 Rio schools.  The fluency assessment includes words per minute, accuracy, comprehension, self assessment, peer review and word work homework based on words skipped, mispronounced or added during the assessment.  Other Intervention tools available to Rio students include activities to strengthen early phonics skills, early literacy skills and word identification skills. The students audio recordings and results for all LP intervention tools are stored in the LP database for access by Rio administrators, teachers, students, and parents through their own desktop portal.  Access to their portal is password protected and accessed through the LP website.

For the 2016/17 school year LP introduced a Reading Skills Dashboard available to Rio administrators, teachers, students, and parents.  The Reading Skills dashboard includes students AR (Accelerated reader) points, STAR reading scores and Learning Priority fluency scores for the 2015/16 school year.   The Reading Skills Dashboards for 2016/17 will populate as scores come in.

The Rio School district is excited to announce that Learning Priority has incorporated both the English and Spanish Basic Phonics Skills Tests into its program. As a teacher, you may spend upwards of two weeks assessing your students and in doing so lose valuable instruction time. However, this addition to Learning Priority means that you are able to assign and administer the BPST to your entire class in less than an hour. The program walks the student through each of the lines of the English and Spanish BPST and records their responses. No more asking a student to speak up or repeat him or herself. No more wondering if you heard a student correctly or not. No more paper BPST’s period. Learning Priority’s programming allows you to access and grade the student recordings after the assessment is complete, making notations and comments. The recordings and results of each student are kept on record within the program allowing you to access them later in the year or even play them for parent conferences. The program includes printable individual and whole class reports that may be used over multiple years to track growth and development.   Printable flash cards are created with the reports.