We want your feedbackPlease share your thoughts! Below are a number of short surveys, asking about classroom practices, future technology preferences, and thoughts about Rio.  Your feedback is a valuable part of the conversation – please take a couple minutes and share your thoughts!

2014-15 End of Year Survey           Teachers  –  Students  –  Parents – (Espanol)

Rio Learning Methods Survey       Teachers

2015-16 Classroom Tech Survey   Teachers

BryteBytes Technology Survey   (Click on the appropriate link below)

Rio Del Mar         TeachersStudents         Parents

Rio Del Norte      TeachersStudents         Parents

Rio Lindo             TeachersStudents         Parents

Rio Plaza              TeachersStudents         Parents

                           Rio Real                TeachersStudents     (Grades 3-5)       Parents

                                                          Students (Grades 6-7)

Rio Rosales         TeachersStudents         Parents

Rio Del Valle      TeachersStudents         Parents

Rio Vista              TeachersStudents         Parents

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