Child Nutrition Services: District Office

Lacy Piper,MS, R.D. Director of Child Nutrition and Wellness

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2111;

Lacey Piper, MS, RD

Lacey Piper, MS, RD

Director of Child Nutrition and Wellness

Denise Buckenberger, Assistant Supervisor to Child Nutrition and Wellness

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2112;

Jenise Buckenberger

Jenise Buckenberger

Assistant Director of Child Nutrition

School Site Child Nutrition Services Staff

Rio Lindo
Kitchen Contact: Candaleria Franco FSII Email Me
Phone: (805) 485-3113 ext. 1364

Rio Plaza
Kitchen Contact: Elodia Vargas FSII Email Me
Phone: (805) 485-3404

Rio Real
Kitchen Manager: Mitsuko Anderson Email Me
Phone: (805) 485-3117 ext. 1568

Rio Rosales
Kitchen Manager: Stephanie Varela Email Me
Phone: (805) 983-0277 ext. 1641

Rio Del Norte
Kitchen Manager: Kathy Velasquez Email Me
Phone: (805) 604-1412 ext. 1272

Rio Del Mar
Kitchen Manager: Diane Ayala Email Me
Phone: (805) 485-0560 ext. 1123

Rio Del Valle
Kitchen Manager: Lillian Lopez Email Me
Phone: (805) 485-3119 ext. 1761

Rio Vista
Kitchen Manager: Rosie Gutierrez Email Me
Phone: (805) 981-1507 ext. 1895